Cancer colon incidence

Cancer colon incidence


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    This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Methods A retrospective study of patients with small bowel cancers admitted to a tertiary emergency center, over the past 15 years. Results There were 57 patients with small bowel cancer, representing 0.

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    There were 37 Out of 57 patients, 48 There were 10 The most frequent neoplasms were gastrointestinal stromal tumor in 24 patients The prevalence of duodenal adenocarcinoma was Obstruction was the complication in adenocarcinoma in Conclusion Primary small bowel cancers are usually diagnosed at advanced stages, and revealed by a local complication of the tumor.

    Their surgical management in emergency setting is associated to significant morbidity and mortality rates.

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    The diagnosis of these tumors is often delayed due to their nonspecific symptoms, usually being made during an acute complication of the disease. The secondary objectives were to determine early morbidity and mortality associated cancer colon incidence surgical resection, and to correlate the pathology of the tumor with its clinical picture.

    The selection criteria were duodenal, jejunal or ileal tumor; and histopathological examination proving the small bowel malignant neoplasm. Continuous variables are expressed as mean ± standard deviation, and the categorical ones as number percent.

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    Categorical variables cancer colon incidence compared by the χ 2 tests. The probability of papiloma urotelial pathology outlines the null hypothesis statistical significance was set at 0. We also did an electronic search at the databases of the U.

    Only English language literature was selected for further analysis. Electronic and manual cross-referencing was used further to find more relevant sources.

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    The mean age for males was 58± We observed a mean interval from onset of symptoms to surgical treatment of 73 days, with 2.